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SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process where your goal is to steadily improve your website, its ability to support your business and its position in search engines.

The ultimate goal of SEO, is to increase your revenue, as a result of high quality leads.

There's more to to consider, so let's jump in and learn my approach.

What good SEO could do for you

I've helped a lot of businesses reach new heights. You should call the guy who made a 500% ROI since working with me, he is a happy chappy.

My SEO process

If you decide to call me, I'll ask some basic questions about your business - this is to ensure SEO is a good strategy for you. I'm not interested in taking in clients I can't generate a positive ROI for. If we decide we're a good match, then this is my process:

- We have an initial meeting so I can learn more about your business, namely, to identify which of your services yield the most earnings and understand what you've already done in terms of online marketing.

- I perform an initial audit of your website, and I will provide you with the results, so you'll already have information on how to improve your website.

- Assess whether your site aligns with your business. For example, you might be a legal firm, and you want to focus on family law, but you only have one 300 word page dedicated to it, chances are that we will need to focus our efforts here.

- Present to you a proposed digital strategy, show you my workflow, and you decide if you want to sign up.


SEO is not a magical tonic that will skyrocket your business quickly. You've still got to be getting referrals, return customers and offline interest. SEO is a conservative long term strategy. I'm not here to take you from $200k a year to $300k a year in two weeks, please don't call me if your expecting results in 3 weeks.

How do we measure SEO success?

This is a simple process of tracking the conversions, these are usually in the form of phone calls, sales and email enquiries to your business. This is all tracked digitally and will be included in your monthly report.

I also work with you (or your business manager) to confirm you've closed all the enquiries, and to ensure my monetary figures align with your accounts as closely as possible.

Fast forward 12 months, you'll have 12 reports in your lap. Usually the wiggly lines are moving in the right direction by then.


If you ever engage with an SEO provider (even if it's not me). The most important question to ask is how they measure conversions.

Nothing else matters, if SEOs say to you "Your visibility has gone up 120%" and "Your now on page 1" - it sounds good, but it's really meaningless.

You should care about what matters - genuine enquiries that lead to sales. The rest is fluff.

I encourage my clients to login to our shared Google Analytics, there's no smoke and mirrors here, you can see exactly how your site is performing.

Let's move forward

On our initial call I'll let you know about my pricing and answer any questions you may have. I was never really good at the sales pitch talks - so don't expect me to sound like someone from an insurance infomercial, I'm a real person that actually gives a shit how well we do.

My number is 0422 497 868, I'm also in Newcastle if you want to grab a coffee and a $15 avocado toast.

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