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2020 Result #1 - Healthcare - $1,202,500

This company provides Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy in NSW.

I've worked with a client in the healthcare industry for a few years now, leading their digital strategy and coaching their staff in-house how to do SEO themselves.

This particular client has just made it into Australia's top 100 fastest growing companies.

They pay me $2,500 per month and get a return of $85,000 each month.

Additionally, the company knows exactly how many referrals they receive. This is vital information for KPIs, scaling the business and knowledge about customer acquisition.

2020 Result #2 - Engineering - $752,000

This client has been working in the engineering space in Newcastle for over 50 years. In 2020, they will invest about $40,000 in SEO and return a minimum of $752,000

When they called me, the whole thing was a mess. 

They had a "cheap" web guy try and implement a online cart to sell their engineering product. It was the wrong strategy for the business because the product they sell requires in-person viewing. Once again, they had no idea how much the website was actually doing for them "we think it sells around 1 item a month - we're not sure".

After two months working together the client told me "Rhys I almost fell off my chair when I saw your rates but its okay because the site did $60,000 in sales this month".

2020 Result #3 - Healthcare - $104,130

This client does Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy in Melbourne. I know a decent amount about the NDIS, so I am well-positioned to manage their web systems.

Sure, $104,130 is barely enough to take 4 kids to Disneyland flying economy.

However - $104,130 is a lot more than $0, which was how much this client's site was making before me.

The client is meeting a lot of support coordinators in their region, so just one enquiry can often lead to multiple referrals.

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