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I’d prefer to be transparent about pricing, so I can save your time, and mine.

If you shop around for SEO pricing, I can guarantee you most will be cheaper, but few will deliver the long term value I can bring to a business.

With me, your campaign isn’t being passed around an agency office or handled by someone who'd rather be fishing than helping you. You’re hiring someone with qualifications and expertise who ac​tually cares about your business goals.

The majority of clients stick with me, because I’m honest, I’m not going to pull the wool over your eyes and say how I can “explode your sales” in two months. I’m here to build a relationship with you, and help your business succeed, in the long term.

Think of my prices as an investment, not a cost. Because all my clients have a positive ROI, and maybe you can too.

My Rates

Hourly: $95 AUD

Minimum Hours: 15 per month (min $1,425 per month)

Contract: Monthly. No lock in.

Partnership Pricing

After seeing how much work I put in (from my reports) some businesses wish to discuss long term contracts at a discounted rate. SEO takes time, my objective is to turn your website into a marketing asset that raises the minimum amount of enquiries each month.

I offer the following pricing to my partners:

  • 6 months paid in advance - $85 per hour
  • 12 months paid in advance - $75 per hour

How to give you an ROI

The whole point of this is to make you and me more money.

I don't like having more than 10 clients anyway, so how do I keep my existing clientele on board?

I always generate an ROI for my clients.

Now you're thinking this guy watches too much Tony Robbins, but hear me out.

Remember on my SEO page, where part of my process is meeting with my clients, to find where the money in their industry is?

That's my focal point. Say you're a builder, I'll perform SEO to target industrial and commercial clientele, opposed to getting handyman work. An industrial job might be worth $20,000, so if I get you one extra per year, that's already a 200% ROI from a full year of my services.

My technical background and business mindset allow me to perform at the level of an agency, or above. I’m not interested in taking on your project unless I believe I can generate a positive ROI for you. In any case, I don't use lock in contracts, so you can see my skills for yourself with nothing to worry about.

How payment works

  • All payments are to be paid in advance
  • No refunds
  • No contracts, you won't need them
  • Please no bad jokes like "you charge more than a bull at a rodeo"

Ask me about the time I tried to swim across Lake Macquarie on a boogieboard, it was really quite stressful. Hopefully it's testament to my determination, but maybe it was just a silly idea.

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