FAQ | Rhys Hughes


How much do you charge?

My pricing is available on my site.

Why are you more expensive than other SEOs?

I provide a very high level & personalised service to my clients. To run a successful SEO campaign, I need to integrate into my client’s business – to understand where the money is and the direction they want to take the business. 

Remember you get –

  • 15 hours of my time
  • Monthly reporting
  • High level, professional SEO services. This isn’t cheap $99 a month SEO nonsense
  • A one hour strategy meeting where we go over everything I do – and you can ask any questions

Combine this with the fact I have over a decade of experience and qualifications in enterprise IT, and specialise in internet marketing. I’m in a unique positive to provide massive value to my clients. That’s why my rates are higher than most. 

Am I locked into a contract of any sort?

No, my services are simply month to month. You can pause, cancel or resume at your leisure.

Is there anyway I can browse or view your work examples?

Yes, give me a call. I’d be happy to show you example projects I’ve worked on.

Is there anyone I can speak to about your services?

Yes, just give me a call. I’ll give you a list of public companies (some you probably know) and you can ask them what I’m about.

How do you know you can provide me with an ROI?

I don’t – it depends on your individual business (current revenue, business model). If you decide to call me, I’ll ask questions about your business – not to try and sell you anything, rather, to ensure you’ll benefit from my services. 

I’m not a wizard. I can’t save sinking ships or help businesses in their startup stages. So please don’t call me expecting me to put a superman cape on and help you make 7 figures before next week’s OzLotto draw.

My own business survives off providing clients a positive ROI. So it’s in my best interest, too.

How do I know what you’re actually doing, and how this has impacted my business?

Each month, we’ll sit down for a one hour strategy meeting, where you tell me a few things –

  • Where’s the money in your industry
  • What direction you want to take your business (i.e. I’m not going to work on services you don’t want to offer or aren’t profitable)

From there, I’ll perform the work for that month, and provide it to you in a report. 

During the strategy meeting, I’ll work with your business manager and say “Hey, Suzy, you’ve landed 60 phone calls and 12 emails this month, at an average close rate of 25% you should see at least$14,000 in sales, does that look right to you?”.

Why is your language so casual?

Because I’m a real person. I’m not a mysterious person on the other end of the phone that only cares about your credit card details.

I talk in plain language, and I’m brutally honest. I’m here to help you make more money. Not talk about squiggly lines and say meaningless crap like “your exposure is up 10%” like so many other SEOs do.

I work to create an impact, and perform meaningful work that resonates with my clients, so I’m totally honest at how I go about this.

Can you do our Facebook and other social media marketing?

No. My area of expertise is SEO. I study and pay for professional development in SEO. So, doing social media would be a disservice. If a company asks me this directly, I usually provide consulting and help them select a professional social company to go with.

How long does SEO take?

It depends on your industry, competitiveness, current website and a few other factors. As a rule of thumb, 12-18 months.

SEO is a long term strategy. 

Please don’t call me if your a twitchy person expecting results after 2 weeks when your competitors have been at it for 10 years.

Can we speed up the process?

Yes, simply buy more time.

Ready to team up?

Good. Give me a call and let’s start.

You might be comparing me to “Click Click Media” that offer SEO for $299 a month. Get it right the first time.

Call 0422 497 868.