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SEO – 12 Month Plan – Do it yourself

The majority of small and medium businesses can do a decent amount of SEO themselves

SEO is fairly mystified for business owners. Unlike website design, SEO is not something they can see or understand immediately. That's why there's so much confusion on the subject.

How much does SEO cost?
Who's a good SEO?....And Why?
How can I measure SEO performance?
How much caffeine will I need?

There's answers to all of these, each freelancer or marketing agency should be able to give you a straight forward answer. But there's another question you might be asking.

Can I do SEO Myself?

Yes! (for the most part!)

Sure, your results might not be on par with a dedicated SEO expert, but you should be able to do decent job. In this blog post I will give you a framework to follow.

Providing you can do the following, you can do your own SEO

  • Have 2-3 hours per week available
  • Have access to your website and understand how to create pages and write blogs
  • Are above average in terms of computer literacy
  • check
    You're an expert at your craft

Firstly, I'm going to assume your website is good, and already leading to sales and enquiries. If you have a crappy Wix website, then doing SEO is like adding gold rims to a Hyandai Excel, it just won't work. Go ahead and read my SEO starter pack blog and apply everything there.

Prepare for takeoff

It's easy to start and then get stuck with technical things.

Don't worry about anything technical, the worst thing you can do is start Googling "How to SEO in 2018" and reading every article you find. Just begin creating expert content for your site, REGULARLY!

Just remember the following advice:

SEO in a nutshell

SEO is making your website a resource for people, do this by providing content on the topic you're an expert at. In time, visitors and search engines will view you as an authority in your niche and wish to connect with you.

1) Check your existing services pages.

I see a lot of websites with a service page that looks like this. I'm using an architect as an example:


ABC Architecture is highly experienced in the following areas:

  • Drafting
  • Town Planning
  • AutoCAD
  • arrow-right
    Project Management

Please get in touch if you have any questions

The problem with this is that you're not giving Google a whole heap of text to crawl, and to learn more about your sub services. Secondly, if a website visitor is deciding between you and another architect, you have not provided any evidence or a compelling reason for them to choose you.

If you have a boring services page like this. Do the Following


Create a master level services page where you provide a brief description of ALL your services. 


*Daily flower delivery in Maitland
*Daily flower delivery in Newcastle
*Wedding arrangements
*Funeral arrangements
*Affiliate program

Write a summary paragraph of salient information on each service, at least 150-250 words per service. Then, include a link to learn more about that service.

Chances are, most visitors can simply read the services page to understand your business, and they can navigate to your sub-services if they are seeking more information.


Create a page dedicated to each service, where you provide in depth information on each.


This improves the chances your website will satisfy a searcher's long tail phrases, for example, someone looking for "flower delivery in Maitland" usually ends up on my client's site.

Here's some headings you may consider placing on your services page:

*Service overview
*How it works
*Your experience, with before and after photos
*Why us?
*Suburbs we service

These pages should end up at at least 600-1200 words, or as much as necessary.

2) Write 36 articles in 12 months

This is where the coffee comes in.

You need to write high quality articles that your visitors will enjoy. This is so good for your SEO, it improves user engagement, average time spent on your site, new visitors to your site et cetera. Search engines love fresh content. Chances are, you'll acquire some links too.

If you don't know what to write, just think about, what helpful emails have you sent recently? What common questions are you asked? What do you feel is mis-understood in your industry?

As an example, if you own a dog daycare you could write blog articles on

  • Leaving your dog at home? It's not ideal, but use these tactics to give them an enriching day
  • A review of the best dog toys for problem solving 
  • How to make a safe place for your dog

People will love this. It will prove to them you're the best dog day care around! Share them across social media after you write them.

3) Aim for 100 Google reviews

Where possible, ask your customers to provide you with reviews. If you ask for honest feedback, you will grow as a business. It's fine to get the odd low review, it's natural.

Side note

Be wrong.

Seriously, I'm amazed at how the majority of humans are infallible. People rarely apologise or admit fault. People would rather get angry or point fingers, than be wrong.

These people never grow.

Pride yourself on being wrong. It's a unique attribute. I've had bosses that were so nice to me, and when I screwed up and it inconvenienced them, they'd turn on me instantly. The better bosses will just say "you know what happened and I'll let you sort it".

Be wrong and allow others to be wrong.

PS - if you're getting criticised, it means you're actually doing something. It's a lot easier to say "the referee needs glasses" than to referee a game yourself.

I got a bit sidetracked there but the point is, Google reviews are excellent for your SEO. Don't cheat either. You can use this amazing guide by Andrew Doyle on how to ethically increase your Google review count.

That's it!

If you actually do this, you'll have a great SEO presence within a year.

Don't forget to ensure your website foundation is good, we don't want to put good curry on a crappy naan.

PS - Plenty of people don't have the time for this. In that case, if you're employing someone to do it for you. Make sure you measure results around revenue and quality customer acquisition.

Until next time.

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