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How to run Google Adwords cheaply

A lot of businesses are burned by Adwords and never come back.

With rising cost per click prices and complicated systems, it’s very easy to toast a marketing budget quickly.

It doesn’t have to be that way, even in 2018, there’s ways to run Adwords cheaply and allow your dollar to go further.

First, let’s cover the basics.

There’s a few Adwords settings I’m assuming you have in place.

  • Make sure you are using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGS).
  • Make sure you are not using broad match for your keywords.
  • Set your geographical location to your region, if you are a local business.
  • Monitor your search terms and continually set negative keywords.
  • Set your advertisement time frame to correspond with your business.
  • Ensure you are using a call extension and location extension so people can write it down if they wish.

During the first month or so it’s important not to over-optimise your account. Actually, in the first month of my campaigns, I use broad match modifier keywords, with a large list of negative keywords, before I move to exact match keywords.

After a month of data, analyse it to find opportunities

In a months time you will have data on your:

  • Keyword quality score
  • Average position of your ads/keywords
  • Estimated top of page bid
  • Estimated first position bid

Add these data columns to your view. It’s very important to take this data with a grain of salt. Google wants us to spend as much as possible. So be conservative here.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my campaigns:

Let’s analyse this data to find the low hanging fruit.

In the first highlighted field, you can see first position bid is $5.43, which is far too expensive. I’m using manual CPC and have set this to $1.35, achieving a position of 4.8 (probably even higher due to the high quality score). So, I likely don’t need to go any higher than $1.50 to get a ranking of 2-3.

In the second highlighted field, you can see I’m bidding $1.75 and getting a ranking of 1.1. So I’m actually going to lower my bid on this, until I’m at average 2-3.

As you can see, I’m able to still be competitive on certain terms, yet bid far lower than the person bidding for rank 1.

Bid on the long tail (3 + words) Keywords

These are often much cheaper. Let’s say your business is physiotherapy. Instead of just bidding for the keyword “physiotherapist” or “physio sydney”. Consider some longer tail ones

  • Physiotherapist near me
  • Specialist knee physiotherapist
  • Aged care physiotherapy Sydney
  • Mobile physiotherapy bulk billed

These keywords are often much cheaper, and if you are using SKAGS, your advertisement copy is likely to be very salient for these prospective searchers.

Long tail keywords allow you to saturate search in a much more cost effective manner, than bidding aggressively with shorter keywords.

Don’t be afraid to include your brand in your advertisements.

Bonus Information

I’m sick of every marketing company asking people to sign up to their newsletter for awesome information. So here’s something for nothing.

What motivates someone to click on your advertisement?

Answer = Benefit. Offer a solution that makes people better, or happier, or their life easier, or sexier or healthier. Challenge people to click on your ad, without the BS.

Don’t forget to check what price Facebook is offering per website click too.

That’s it, 3 huge tips that make the different in Adwords spend and allow your dollar to go much further, so hopefully, you can raise the minimum amount of interest in your business over a long term.





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