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How to choose an SEO agency (How to ensure ROI)

Let’s assume you’ve searched and looked at reviews and have a shortlist of SEO agencies.

Quality checklist

No contracts

Reporting of work performed

Conversion focused, not keyword focused

Higher price tag (you know when they are expensive it’s good for you)

First call with ’em

“Hey, my business XYZ needs SEO, can I ask a bit about your service?” If they are serious they will load your website and have an open chat with you.

The agency should touch on

  • Campaign objectives
  • Learn a bit more about your business
  • SEO pricing and contract structure
  • Reject you if SEO is not for you

SEO Poison Ivy:

  • Contracts
  • “My manager Greg will call you back”
  • “You rank you faster than Usain”
  • “Our rates are $149 USD for every keyword”

Ask them these curly questions:

  • How do you measure SEO success? We use Google tools to track the amount of phone calls and email enquiries you receive, success is measured by increasing the minimum amount of enquiries over the long term.
  • What do your reports focus on? Conversions
  • Can you outline your process?
  • What do you think of the situation that we’re in? Based off a low level audit of your website and competitors, I think XYZ…

See if they sway.

Set up another meeting with the short list

To seperate the chaff from the grain:

  • How are we to keep in communication during the campaign? 
  • How long until we see results? SEO takes time, realistically, you should be looking at the 12-18 month outlook. 
  • How do you create content that aligns with our business? 

Since they’ve had a bit of time to analyse your business, they should bring a little bit to the table, ie:

  • Identified any problems with your existing site
  • Explain how you get a return on investment
  • Their SEO process and time frames

From here, you should have a pretty good idea in your head who to choose. Just remember, the project must focus on conversions as the success metric.









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