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5 tips for physiotherapy website owners to increase clientele

1) Optimise for mobile phones

Poor Mobile Optimisation


Mobile Optimised


You can see in the above example, the first website is quite vague and unclear what actions they want the website visitor to take. These actions should be calling you, navigating to your practice and enquiring about your accessory services.  As you will know, mobile users comprise approximately 70% of users. So make the experience optimised for small screens. 

Mobile users are expecting tap to call buttons, tap to navigate, large enough font and button sizes. If you’re struggling to find good designs, take a look at my example physiotherapy design, where I have basically combined all the best elements of physio websites that I’ve come across.

2) Create a sense of immediate trust

So many websites have a vague first impression. Don’t be one of them.


Good Physio Website

My suggestion is that you have at least one professional photo of your staff, your practice or your director. Preferably all three. Pretty basic really. Definitely include an “Our Staff” page.

3) Offer resources for your prospective clients

Lots of physiotherapist’s websites just have a heading that just says Services and a bullet point list that says Dry Needling, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation Programs, Aged Care etc, without going into any detail.

I’d suggest you expand on your services, describe what you do exactly, how it can help the client, some quality photographs, include an FAQ and additional information. Including this additional information, will prove to the website visitor that you’re an expert on that subject, and will most likely choose you over the site that offers little to no resources. Additionally, Google will love you for it.

I’d personally do one page per service, and aim for 300+ words (as long as necessary and salient), your website structure should look like this

myphysiotherapywebsite.com.au/services/ – List a summary of the services here





Rinse and repeat.

4) Consider Automated Schedule Software

automatic scheduling software

There are now loads of system that you can install on your website so users can either a) book and pay for an appointment or b) view available bookings and call, here’s some of the bigger ones that I would recommend




Administration staff hate change, so I recommend one that has the most seamless integration for your business. Your IT staff should be able to install this easily, just notify your staff and your product vendor the week you go live with this, so everyone is on hand if (when?) things go wrong.

5) Update and Contribute to Your Website

You should be writing regular, helpful content and articles for your physiotherapy practice. Why? Because people will organically find this content and wish to connect with you.

A client of mine recently wrote an article “How The 2018 Budget Impacts Aged Care and NDIS providers”. After publishing this, scores of people were researching the subject and came across his article, which had well over 1,000 views in the first month. Other businesses could see he was an expert in the subject, he was immediately contacted by several aged care providers wishing to setup meetings.

No one cares about a newspaper written last year, keep your website fresh.

Cool story Rhys, but I don’t have time to write articles.

Ask your administration staff to convert your Newsletters into articles or blog posts, convert your helpful emails to someone into a FAQ, take a photo with your last successful patient and write a paragraph about them.

That’s it! These are 5 actionable steps you can take, that will no doubt increase your client numbers, and the retention of your current clients.






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